Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A little update

Here’s an update on the current “me.” I have not been posting diligently not because I got nothing to write. My life is neither a bore nor at a standstill. I do find it quite colourful and can write every day if I want to. In the past, I used to “report” every minor observation that happened around me. The “me” at present prefers to simply just observe them as they happen. The mind does react as they happen but I try to let them come and go. Good or bad, like or dislike, they are neither the same nor dissimilar. They just happen, just like that.

When perceptions change, life will change. When mind clings to thoughts, mind won’t change. The mind will ask “What if…?” Fear prevents change. Where does the fear, the insecurity come from? Don’t know. Instead of asking “What if?” accept “What is.” Put a leash on the untrained mind because it could lead the way…into the longkangs.

The watcher is enjoying the performance while the thinker is taking a break.

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