Thursday, January 01, 2009

Better living in the new year

From today onwards, life gets a little better for me because the government imposed some additional new laws that take effect from 1 Jan 2009. Why should I be happy when there are more laws to abide? Because the laws are applicable only to smokers. I’m so glad that the smoking ban is now officially extended to hotel lobbies, lift lobbies, multi-storey car parks, playgrounds, exercise areas, markets, within 5 metres of buildings’ entrances etc etc. Smokers have only themselves to blame for this plight. If all smokers had been more civic-conscious and do their puffing far away from the people who don’t smoke, I’m sure the government wouldn’t have extended the ban to so many more areas. Bravo to the lawmakers for protecting the non-smokers!

Ok so now I see an additional sign being put up at the park where I jog. But I really would like to ask the people who run the parks, do they realise how many signs they have erected at the small little park of ours? Just look at these:Do we really need so many signs to tell us what we can and cannot do at the park? Are we Singaporeans a bunch of morons that need to be dictated and threatened before we start behaving ourselves and become socially responsible? Something obviously is not quite right with our education system or our upbringing at home that has resulted in this phenomenon. I do hope the inhabitants of this small island can learn to be more mindful of their social duties so that the lawmakers will stop imposing more dos and don’ts on us.

All those signs above, I think can remove but this one below…umm…I would like it to stay…at least until those inconsiderate morons get the message. No more “smoke gets in my lungs” when I go jogging. Yippie!ps: Ok ok, I know it’s a little big but I just want to make sure the message gets across to the culprits. Hehehe!

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