Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ooos and ahhhs

Ahhhhh…how I love those trees…raintrees, flame of the forest, even botak trees! I can stand there and stare forever. I’ve no idea what they’re called but I’m bewitched. Names are of no importance anyway, just love them trees. And those birds, my oh my…whether they’re perched on the branches, flying, about to take flight, and when they call out to each other…sighhhhh. Ok, ok, the more I say, the more “unspecial” they’ll become. Yeah, just see, hear, feel, breathe…even when carrying 10kg of stuff, body feels weightless, mind is free (smiles…smiles…smiles). Oh…has anyone noticed? Those recent mega white blooms on the trees in my estate is overpowering…kind of pungent, I can’t stand them >_<. Oi! Snap out of it! Like it or not, they will be there! But those clouds I saw two days ago had character…layer after layer…ooooooooo. Sigh…

Old habits die hard huh? Yeah, but I’m allowed to make mistakes…because I’m human. But am I aware? Hmmm…I’ll try.


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