Thursday, December 24, 2009

Another great gift

My friend painted me this for Christmas. Pretty right? So blessed…I love you friend…muack!!! I can’t paint so hope you enjoy playing with the toy I got you kkkkk.

What irks you?

Does this irk you? I’ve been faced with frowns and asked several times why I’m wearing these beads. I’m sure there’ve been many curious others who also wanted to ask but didn’t know how. Well, my soulmate gave it to me and I simply LOVE these beads! The unfinished feel…of being with nature…of peace…of me.

Now why can’t I just wear it without inviting strange stares? People are weird. I was once weird so I understand. What really irks you? (grins as I write…correction, type! :))

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It’s Christmas already?

I started receiving my gifts today. Firstly, I finally got my pay adjusted to a figure I’m happy with. I have to be happy with it because it is the maximum that my employer can give me. They gave me my new pay from today and have even back paid me all the arrears I was entitled to. I also received my pro-rated bonus based on this new pay and everything was credited into my account today hehe.

But that’s not all…yup, not the end of the celebrations yet. I just received a new 32G iPhone 3Gs during dinner ~ yahooooooo!!! It’s a Christmas gift from my old pal and she had to queue, convince, coerce, threaten…well, she basically 'chuan' the people at M1 to get it for me. She said it was in celebration of everything…my new job, my studies, my upcoming trip etc etc. You are simply incredible pal! Love you, muack!!!

I’m going to sign away my freedom tomorrow for the next four years but I’m not the least worried because I’ve not been thinking about freedom in the last five months and don’t think I will for quite a while. In fact, I like this lost of freedom because it has finally freed my mind.

Have I mentioned my favourite phrase lately? Never mind, I just have to shout it out again…LIFE is BEAUTIFUL! ^_^

Sunday, December 06, 2009

What’s this floral?

Anyone knows the name of this flower? I shot these at the park connector near my place. Was stunned by it. It doesn’t seem to last though. The composition I saw in the morning had fallen off by evening. But I thought it looked even more mesmeric after the white petals fell off. Felt so privileged to be allowed to admire its magnificence. Love it!


Twice this week I was out dining with friends much younger than me and both times when I paid for my food, I paid only for what I ate and got back my change down to the last cent. Close friends of mine know that I don’t like quibbling over expenses for food. In fact, I’ve got the habit of rounding up the amount when I had to pay others while I round down when I collect. This week’s experience of getting back small change seemed…weird. Yeah, it did require a little adapting but I am fine with that ’cos I do like the company of young people. I let them do the decision making and will do what they tell me to do. ^_^

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