Sunday, July 27, 2008

Be good to myself

Sorry for the looong absence. I know this is the longest break I’ve ever taken in my blogging history (my blog is only 2+ years young and I dare to call that history, not shy lor…hehehe.) Anyway, you can rest assured, I still intend to continue writing. However, I can only do that when time permits and when my brain is in a word-making mode.

In case some of you are curious as to what I’ve been up to recently, well, I have been up to my neck since June. I had work to do, friends to entertain, a gathering to organise, then made a trip to Taiwan to meet up with Taiwanese as well as US friends. The reason why I am making this effort to post something now is because I will be flying off again today for a week, this time to Vietnam, again to meet friends. Quite an exciting life huh? I think so too. I suppose it is better to be busy living life, observing life, rather than thinking about life or the purpose of living, right?

Some of you must be wondering by now why I titled this entry as “Be good to myself.” Well, a few friends have been telling me recently that I should be good to myself because I always seem to put others before me. Frankly, I do admit to that habit but I feel that I’m already very fortunate to be able to lead such a carefree life and have so many great people around me. What more do I want for myself? When I see the people around me happy, that makes me happy. That’s the kind of life I would like to have. My needs are lesser and lesser as I age and my wants are definitely dwindling too because having wants does not make my life any happier. If I have to tell me to be good to myself, it will just remind me how important I am and only grow my ego.

If my reading of this “being good to oneself” is wrong, can someone please enlighten me. How then do you define being good to oneself?

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