Sunday, February 07, 2010

Latest addiction

Spending some private time with myself at Pasir Ris Park seems to have become my latest addiction. I’ve been doing that the last three weekends. I would cycle, jog or simply sit/lie down by the beach, alone. My initial main aim was to let the morning sun get acquainted with my rather shy and anti-social fair skin but I’ve noticed that the amount of time I spend at the beach seems to be getting longer. Reason? I don’t need to trouble my grey matter when I’m with myself. I just observe the thoughts that flow through my mind and let them pass. No need to ponder over them, neither is there a necessity to react or offer a comment. Just let them flow in and out…into nothingness.

To be able to be alone is such a rare occurrence and luxury in our lives today. I won’t be surprised if many people actually find it a rather frightening experience.

In the past, whenever I’m at the beach, I only noticed the sound of the sea rushing to shore but today I could only hear the rustling of coconut leaves. It was so seductive…I can’t find appropriate words to describe the sound or the feeling. I guess you’ll just have to try experience it yourself. But don’t fret, I did capture some pictures. Here they are in sepia but don’t think they can make any sound, can you hear them? :pp

ps: I obviously shot more than these, if you want to see them all, you can find them on my facebook Link.

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